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Ohio CAT

Helping customers build, improve, feed, power, move and protect our world.

The quality you expect. The service you deserve.

Ohio CAT is more than just an equipment and engine dealer. They're a third generation, family-owned company with deep roots in the Ohio community that prides itself on exceptional sales and rental performance, customer service, product support, and teamwork.

Ohio CAT strives to be the top performing, dynamic industry leader and partner of choice for the products and solutions that help their customers build, improve, feed, power, move and protect our world.

It’s a mission that dates back to 1946, when the company was founded under the name Ohio Machinery Co. During those initial post-war years, the company experienced rapid growth and expanded to include numerous employees and locations serving 66 of Ohio’s 88 counties.

When Ohio Machinery’s founding principals retired in 1961, Caterpillar reorganized the territory and the company was purchased by Thomas H. Taylor, Sr. and his son, Thomas H. Taylor, Jr. Ohio Machinery reduced its footprint to 25 counties in Eastern Ohio and thrived for the next 42 years by creating exceptional value through proud, knowledgeable and engaged employees.

In 1988, the third generation of Taylors joined Ohio Machinery Co.

Ken Taylor worked his way through parts and service, sales finance, machine sales, and product support management before assuming leadership as the company's president in 1994. He oversaw the expansion of the company back into western Ohio in April 2003, when Ohio Machinery officially became Ohio CAT.

In the years since, Ohio CAT has become the leader and preferred supplier in all of the markets it serves.

What are Ohio CAT’s keys to success?

Ken doesn’t hesitate how to answer this question. “It’s the people. We are a sales and service organization and sales and service are what really matter.” Even though Ohio CAT carries “premium” brands, Ken points out that providing “great customer service and being a great corporate citizen” are what make the difference. Ohio CAT has a noteworthy incentive program devised by Ken. He calls it Success Share. Everyone in the company participates in this impressive program that is tied to results. If the two main objectives for the year are achieved or exceeded, the incentive pool is distributed equally to all employees.

“It’s the people. We are a sales and service organization and sales and service are what really matter.”


With staff nearly doubling since 2010, Ohio CAT completed construction of their expanded and renovated corporate office in Broadview Heights, Ohio in 2016 to accommodate years of rapid growth.

Success Share isn’t the only way Ohio CAT motivates its personnel. Ken recognizes the importance of employee training and development. All personnel are required to have a minimum of 24 training and development hours every year. But the average is typically around 50 hours. “I’m a measurement guy,” Ken says. “We hold people accountable to it.” Ohio CAT also encourages post-secondary education related to the business by funding 50 percent of employee tuition and books.

As a leader Ken emphasizes the importance of prioritizing in today's fast-paced business environment. “There isn’t much time to ponder things,” he says. “Decisions need to be made quickly.” However, he ensures time is set aside for important tasks, such as strategic planning, process improvement, governance of major projects, and monitoring vital success measures.

The Ohio CAT - McDonald Hopkins relationship

This business relationship has a long and multi-generational history. Ken’s father and grandfather worked with McDonald Hopkins attorney Chuck Zellmer’s father. Today, Chuck continues to lead the Ohio CAT team at McDonald Hopkins. With Chuck’s guidance, Ohio CAT has worked with multiple attorney teams. “McDonald Hopkins brings its full resources to us—estate and succession planning, employee benefits, workers' compensation, pension, healthcare, environmental, financing, labor and employment , and so on,” Ken explains. “You make me and my team feel important and appreciated. You have helped us grow, change and progress down the right path.”

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