Practical Perspective on the DOL Cybersecurity Rules

Practical Perspective on the DOL Cybersecurity Rules

McDonald Hopkins' Elliot Raff recently sat down with Curcio Webb to share his perspective on how the DOL Cybersecurity rules apply to retirement plan sponsors. 

In the "Ask Them Anything" style podcast hosted by Jamie Curcio, Elliot and Brian Dennen, head of Curcio Webb's retirement administration practice, go beyond DOL regulations guidance to examine the wider ramifications of security breaches. In plain English: “If bad stuff happens, what then?”

Some of the questions and issues addressed:

  • Did you know that a cyber security action plan is the responsibility of a plan sponsor?
  • Ask yourself: do we have the expertise to develop such a plan internally or do we need to hire an external expert?
  • Is your contracting protected in the case of account theft?
  • When you hear what they “say” they’ll do, check it out: is it written into the contract?

Tune in to the video podcast, below: