Real estate

Whether you are looking to acquire real estate, secure construction and permanent financing, negotiate architect and builder contracts, develop commercial or residential projects, or negotiate a lease, our integrated team of real estate attorneys can help. We assist our clients with:

  • Efforts to organize and control numerous aspects involved in commercial, multi-use residential developments, such as:
    • Approvals by governmental authorities
    • Environmental issues
    • Financing alternatives
    • Project planning
    • Title issues
    • Wetland concerns
    • Zoning regulations
  • Negotiating real estate leases and subleases for a wide range of properties on behalf of both landlords and tenants, and working through issues such as:
    • Assignment and subletting rights
    • Base rent structures
    • Environmental risk allocation
    • Landlord remedies
    • Sale/lease backs
    • Tenant improvement allowances
    • Use of pass-through provisions 
    • Waivers of subrogation

We also have significant experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Commercial leasing 
  • Development
  • Distressed property, workouts and foreclosures 
  • Economic development and finance
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality 
  • Industrial
  • Multifamily housing
  • Real estate litigation
  • REITs
  • Retails
  • Tax appeals

Key Contacts

David K. Hales


Chad  Arfons
Alexa  Guevara
Dana R. White
Kevin M. Butler
Alec F. Davidson
Joelle H. Dvir
Carla  Erskine
Nicole K. Kline
Kirstyn  Wildey
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