Trust and estate litigation

Our Trust and Estate Litigation Practice Group possess the legal skills and multidisciplinary experience to represent clients in all aspects of probate, trust, and estate disputes that arise in the transfer or management of wealth. Our group takes pride in our ability to listen to sensitive issues that arise and formulate a strategy to achieve a client’s goals to resolve an inheritance dispute or navigate the legal system. We have a record of obtaining successful results for our clients – both inside and outside the courtroom. 

Our probate and trust litigation attorneys prosecute and defend cases for both individual and corporate fiduciaries (executors/personal representatives and trustees) and individual beneficiaries in all areas of estate and trust litigation, including:

  • Will or trust contests, including claims of undue influence and lack of mental capacity
  • Declaratory judgments regarding will or trust language
  • Fiduciary-related litigation and accounting actions
  • Modification of a trust or will
  • Removal or replacement of trustees or executors
  • Complex and multi-jurisdictional issues

When you are facing an inheritance dispute, get the help of an experienced and knowledgeable probate and trust litigation lawyer who understands the legal system and can protect your interests. Please complete the form below to schedule an appointment for a confidential and complimentary initial consultation with our experienced professional. 

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Are no-contest clauses enforceable in Ohio?

A no-contest or in-terrorem clause is valid under Ohio law.  A typical no-contest clause will disinherit anyone who challenges the decedent’s estate plan, but it will depend upon the particular language used.  A no-contest clause essentially operates as a penalty by anyone who asserts a will contest action.  Since 1869, Ohio courts have strictly enforced no-contest clauses and there are very limited situations under which a no-contest clause is not invoked.  Unlike other states, there is no good faith exception to a no-contest clause under Ohio law.  If you are faced with an inheritance dispute involving a no-contest clause, please contact our estate and trust practice group to discuss your legal rights.


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