Trust administration

When a trust is part of your estate plan, it is important to ensure it is administered appropriately. We are adept in the art of administering trusts, and ensuring your goals are met. As trusted advisors, we take the time to develop a personal relationship with you, and work with the trustee and investment advisors to assist with trust distributions to your beneficiaries.  We use highly trained paralegals to assist with the significant legal and recordkeeping requirements to ensure high quality work in a cost effective manner.

Our services include:

  • Coordinating distributions to beneficiaries
  • Assistance in addressing conflicting interests among beneficiaries 
  • Preparation of annual fiduciary accounting and reports to beneficiaries
  • Preparation of trust income tax returns 
  • Coordination of estate and trust administration
  • Assistance with trust funding
  • Assistance with tax and distribution planning
  • Assistance with statutory revisions to trust documents
  • Service as trustee or co-trustee upon a client’s request
  • Coordination with other advisors such as CPAs, financial professionals, and insurance providers
  • Assistance with the selection of investment advisors 
  • Investment performance review

What makes us different:

  • Every relationship is unique, and our trust administration is based on your family 
  • Our personal relationship with you first and later the fiduciaries ensures your ultimate goals are met
  • We work hard to make sure the people and charities you want to receive your assets receive them
  • We help determine whether a distribution to a beneficiary meets your ultimate goals
  • Experienced attorneys and paralegals assigned to the trust

Our fees are set based on the client’s situation.  Hourly fee arrangements or fixed fees are available based on the circumstances.  We pride ourselves on providing value above fees charged on all trust administration matters.



Bernard L. Karr
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