Startup and venture capital

Our Startup and Venture Capital Practice Group regularly advises startups and emerging growth companies at every stage of their life cycle on a full spectrum of legal issues. We understand that a startup business is more than just a company, it’s part of the founder. As such, we work the same schedule as a startup: 24/7.

We have a deep understanding of the complex technologies at the heart of our clients’ businesses. Our deep industry knowledge allows our attorneys to represent many startups and emerging growth companies and investors in cutting-edge areas of technology, including software, cybersecurity, data analytics, and other technology-driven markets.

We have represented both entrepreneurs and companies at all stages of their life cycle, as well as the sources of debt and equity that finance them. Because we have been on both sides of the table, we have unique insight into the issues that startups face. At all stages of the life cycle, we make sure to focus on the founder’s ultimate goal, whether the aim is a sale, IPO, or a mature going concern. Moreover, we have dedicated M&A and capital markets practices that help to position our clients for their ultimate liquidity event.

We have an extensive network so that we can make the best possible connections for our clients and add value to the growth opportunities in which they are engaged. We use our network to connect entrepreneurs and companies to sources of capital, strategic partners and talent, offering our resources and relationships to our clients. Importantly, we have invested in resource management and technology to allow the delivery of services and work product under a fee structure tailored to startups and emerging growth companies.

Lifecycle Practices

  • Getting Started – entity formation, founders agreements, buy-sell agreements, operating agreements
  • Protecting Ideas – intellectual property, trademarks, patents, licensing, non-disclosure, IP assignment, data privacy
  • Hiring Employees and Growing – equity compensation, employment, non-competes, real estate leases, tax advice, commercial contracts
  • Capital Events – equity and debt financing, such as angel investments, venture capital and private equity investments, bridge loans, convertible notes, mezzanine financing, bank or other financial institution loans

Key Contacts


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