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Executive War College

Executive War College

McDonald Hopkins' Healthcare attorneys Elizabeth Sullivan, Richard Cooper and Emily Johnson will be presenting multiple sessions as part of this live event at the Executive War College in New Orleans, Louisiana.

April 27 speaking sessions:

1:30 p.m. Richard Cooper - How Covid-19 Changed Valuation and Deal Terms of Labs the Past 30 Months

2:15 p.m. Richard Cooper - Panel Discussion: Today's Lab Marketplace:What's Changed for Sellers and Buyers of Hospital Labs, Clinical Labs, and Pathology Groups

3:00 p.m. Richard Cooper - Panel Discussion: Best Paths to Attracting Capital and Crafting Effective Growth Strategies That Support a High-Multiple Sales Valuation for Genetic Testing Lab

3:45 p.m. Elizabeth Sullivan - Panel Discussing: Understanding Regulatory Compliance and Operational Landmines That Often Disrupt Lab Sales and Closings

3:45 p.m. Emily Johnson - Legal Panel: Important Developments in Laboratory Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Requirments 

April 29 speaking session:

8:45 a.m. Elizabeth Sullivan and Emily Johnson - Important Changes in Coding/Billing Compliance, Regulatory, and Use of Information Technology

If you want to attend, McDonald Hopkins can offer you a coupon code for a $100 discount. Contact Janet Adamo () for more information.


Hyatt Regency New Orleans
601 Loyola Avenue

New Orleans, Louisiana 70113