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IP Innovation Webinar Series, Session 1

CEO Innovation Roundtable
How to survive during a pandemic and thrive post-pandemic

In this webinar session, McDonald Hopkins Intellectual Property Department Chair David Cupar will lead a CEO roundtable discussion with two innovative companies to examine how to survive during a pandemic and thrive post-pandemic.

Jodi Berg, CEO of Vitamix and Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway Foods will reveal how their businesses had to adapt and plan during the pandemic including:

  • Major effects on their businesses
  • Required changes and innovations
  • Significant accomplishments and lessons learned
  • Key innovations moving forward 

Some key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Algorithms were not designed for a pandemic: Recognizing that the answer will not come through a computer screen is key. Willingness to change and innovate is not an option.
  • Address needs at an individual level: It is incorrect to believe that a one-size-fits-solution works for your team, supply chain or customers. It is important to address these needs at the individual level as holistically as possible.
  • Create and test drive a new playbook in record time: A strong business and team is willing to perform a change, review that change, and make further changes as needed.
  • Purpose is the why; innovation answers the what and how: Your key core value is knowing your purpose – your why. This then drives solutions and innovations – your what and how.