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Updating Employee Handbooks: The Latest Rules and Guidance

Updating Employee Handbooks: The Latest Rules and Guidance

Ryan Neumeyer will discuss "Updating Employee Handbooks: The Latest Rules and Guidance" on February 27, 2020 during a panel with Peter L. Frattarelli from Archer.  

The National Labor Relations Board recently released handbook guidance that affects nearly every employer in the nation. Updates to the Fair Labor Standards Act also require businesses to closely scrutinize the contents of their handbooks. It is imperative that businesses update their handbooks to safeguard against traps created by outdated workplace policies. Confidently update handbooks and help companies avoid potential fines or worse - register today!

  • Arm yourself with the latest wage and hour updates that can land employers in hot water unless they update their handbooks.
  • Draft workplace behavior and conduct provisions that legally address defamatory conduct, abusive speech and more.
  • Locate seemingly innocuous handbook provisions that violate the National Labor Relations Act.

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  • New NLRB Handbook Ruling: Extents and Limitations
  • Handbooks in the #MeToo Era: Crafting Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Policies
  • Handbook Wage and Hour Provision: What They Must Contain
  • Creating Workplace Behavior and Misconduct Policies in Light of NLRB Rules