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Real Estate Reboot: The COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

The Real Estate Recovery Team of McDonald Hopkins, and special guest Rob Roe, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc., will be addressing the most pressing questions of landlords, tenants, and lenders to help them weather the COVID-19 crisis and position themselves for recovery. 

Our team will examine the current real estate environment, what to expect as we move into summer and fall, and what wild cards exist now and may be lurking in the future. 


Along with addressing your questions and concerns, our team will discuss:

  • What tenants are asking from landlords?
  • How are landlords reacting and what are they asking for in return?
  • How lenders are reacting?
  • What can landlords do if tenants do not recover?
  • What can tenants do if landlords do not recover?
  • What can a lender do if landlords are still struggling in the summer or fall and default on mortgages?
  • What happens if CMBS market seizes up or shuts down like in 2009?
  • What happens if lenders stop funding construction projects mid-construction like in 2010?
  • How do landlords and tenants work toward re-entry to the workplace?