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Getting to Clarity: 25 Tips for Drafting Better Agreements

Getting to Clarity: 25 Tips for Drafting Better Agreements

Refine Your Approach to Contract Drafting

Poor syntax, word choice and agreement structure are common sources of contractual litigation. This engaging course will focus on practical tips to sharpen your drafting skills across a wide variety of agreements. From sentence structure to major omissions and dangerous words, join our distinguished faculty as they cover a wide array of drafting techniques for improving the clarity of your agreements. Register today!


  • Get practical strategies for improving phrasing and sentence structure in contractual provisions.
  • Explore the effects of tone, verbosity and legalese in agreements.
  • Learn best practices for defining and using key terms and identifying inconsistencies throughout contracts.
  • Explore common perils in signature blocks and more.

Course Content

  • Client Needs, Wants & the Four Corners of the Agreement
  • Sentence Level Tips & Syntactic Case Studies
  • Major & Minor Omissions to Deftly Avoid
  • The Dangers of Verbosity & Legalese
  • Defining & Using Key Terms
  • Finding the Right Provision; Identifying Inconsistencies
  • Technicalities & Signature Blocks