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Cyber Risk Summit - Threat Intelligence

Cyber Risk Summit - Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is the process of acquiring knowledge about threats to an environment. It is not just a list of indicators that an attacker used without additional context into how the attack worked. It is both internal and external knowledge. We will open this panel with an exploration of these concepts, as well the importance of proper attribution.  To launch the rest of the day's program we will conclude this panel with a cradle to grave walkthough of a ransomware attack.

McDonald Hopkins attorney Dominic Paluzzi, co-chair of the firm's Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group, will join fellow panelists Vinny Sakore of Net Dilligence, Devon Ackerman of Kroll and Jim Jaeger of Arete IR.


  • Exploration on threat intelligence and internal and external knowledge
  • The importance of proper attribution
  • A "cradle-to-grave" walkthrough of a ransomware attack.