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Cyber Master Class Session 5: How it all comes together: The anatomy of a data breach

Over the last four sessions we have examined the cybersecurity landscape. Join us now for the final session, The Anatomy of a Data Breach, to see how it all comes together.

In Cyber Master Class Session 5, we will take you deep inside a breach as our panelists walk you through a real-life ransomware incident timeline. It will be an information packed session.

Presenters include:

  • Ronnie Munn | MCPc, CISO and Incident Response Commander
  • Christopher Prewitt | MCPc, Security Principal playing the part of the client (victim)
  • Colin Battersby | McDonald Hopkins, Member of Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group as the Breach Coach
  • The session will be moderated by Gunner Wagh | MCPc, Security Principal and former FBI cyber expert 

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You will:

  • See how an incident unfolds.
  • Understand the attacker’s approach, techniques, and demands.
  • Learn how the digital crime scene is analyzed.
  • Experience the interactions between the company and the legal/technical incident response team, as well as the critical decisions required to resolve the incident.