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Cyber Master Class Session 3: How your technology partner drives data protection

Building on the first two classes which saw the FBI and CISA define the cyber threat landscape and McDonald Hopkins and Oswald Companies explore the legal and risk imperatives around cyber, in Class #3, MCPc delineates how your technology partner drives data protection. The session explores the elements of a Five Phase cybersecurity approach: Planning, Prevention, Detection, Response, and Recovery.n

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  • Industry costs of a cyberattack
  • Defense in depth: How attacks succeed
  • Your Cyber Maturity Score
  • Assessments: How to know where you stand
  • Technology Stack: People, Process, Technology - Integrating software and services
  • Implementation Best Practices
  • Response and Recovery: What if…
  • Case Stories: The Good, the Bad, and the Extremely Unfortunate!
  • Resources for additional knowledge