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Countermeasures against organizational and economic distress

During times of economic turbulence, it is critical to be attentive to signs that indicate economic distress, whether within or outside your organization, and be prepared to respond quickly.

You’re invited to join attorneys from McDonald Hopkins and principals from Lazear Capital Partners for a webinar designed to help you identify signs of economic distress, transaction options to mitigate the resulting challenges, and practical solutions for maximizing value in an economically troubled environment. 


Specific topics will include:

  • Diagnosing problems via internal analysis and discussions with lenders, vendors and key stakeholders
  • Practical transaction solutions and specific options for solving economic distress
  • Executing on solutions and transactions
  • How to incentivize employees in a distressed market and limit employment-related liability
  • Legal rights in regard to solving distress situations
  • Case studies from legal and investment banker perspectives