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How Companies Facing Distress from COVID Should be Responding

Please join McDonald Hopkins and Marcum LLP for an informational webinar about economic distress related to COVID as we address the Five W’s:

  • Who should distressed companies inform?
  • What can be done in both a proactive and reactive sense?
  • When will the middle market stop denying distress?
  • Where should a company’s restructuring occur?
  • Why is focusing on distress now for both healthy and distressed companies beneficial?

As your trusted advisors, McDonald Hopkins LLC and Marcum LLP are committed to sharing the best information available concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis to our clients and colleagues during this time.


  • Anticipated industry effects of COVID
  • Mitigating and reacting to the economic effects of COVID from a legal and financial perspective
  • An open discussion incorporating and addressing all related audience questions. Audience participants are invited and encouraged to provide questions or individual concerns prior to the webinar.