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20 Employment Law Challenges for 2020

Social, political, and legal changes impact every workplace everyday. Employers must recognize these challenges and understand how to manage the changing dynamics of the workplace while protecting their organization from employment law risk.

During this Business Hour, we will discuss key employment law issues facing employers and provide guidance to assist employers in addressing these challenges for 2020 and beyond. 


  • Attracting millennial and other workers in a tight labor market
  • What to do with marijuana in the workplace
  • Transgender issues, sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement
  • FLSA changes and pay equity 
  • Artificial intelligence, the next frontier 
  • Paid sick leave, when and where is it required
  • Why hairstyles in the workplace matter
  • How to confront violence in the workplace  
  • Dealing with psychological issues in the workplace
  • Reasonable accommodation: what do obesity, service animals, and website accessibility have in common?   


Fifth Third Center
600 Superior Avenue East, Suite 2100
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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